Naked Cowboy Not So Candy-Assed

Written by Jim Reilly on . Posted in Posts.

know that feeling you get when you read a story about some no-name Joe
who makes a fortune off a really dumb idea?  It’s the one where you
realize you’ve wasted thousands of dollars and years off your life
trying to get a degree just so you can maybe get by.  Well, get ready
to question your existence again.

Robert Burck, aka that half-naked, singing cowboy at Times Square, is suing the pants off of Mars Inc.
(makers of M&M’s) for trademark infringement. A recent video
billboard advertisement depicts a blue M&M in cowboy boots and a
hat playing guitar for several seconds.  The ad was designed to attract
customers to the Times Square M&M’s store, but Burck is seeking $6
million plus additional damages saying they stole his character.

"All I’ve got is my underwear. It’s the most brilliant thing that’s
ever been created from a marketing perspective. You can’t stop it,"
said Burck.

He’s right.

Not only is he going to win this lawsuit, he’s going to become a
multi-millionaire for spending some years half naked in public playing

I guess the moral of this story is if you do something stupid for a
very long time, someone will eventually give you a lot of money.

"It took years for people not to say that’s a stupid idea,” added Burck

Enjoy your money, cowboy.

Photo by tsmyther on Flickr.