My Dinner with Denise Rich and Dick Morris

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But once
the mystery guest was revealed, it was a question of manners. Walking out would
have embarrassed my hosts, so I grinned and went to work. On Bill Clinton. Fortunately,
filmmaker Paul Morrissey, Ferrari honcho Roffredo Gaetani and former Clinton
aide Dick Morris were also present, none of whom had a good thing to say about
the Draft Dodger. La Rich, I must admit, could not have been more pleasant,
but she did draw the line at the adjectives I used to describe the man who disgraced
the White House like no other. "Can’t we move on to something else?"
she begged, as I flailed away. For the sake of a peaceful dinner I reluctantly
obliged, although by then I had run out of abusive things to say.

Morris turned
out to be very, very smart, as hucksters usually are. He was articulate, as
well as funny, and it was obvious why the Clintons saw him as indispensable–until
he pulled a Clinton, that is. His demise, of course, was a joke. If being fellated
by an intern while talking to foreign dignitaries and congressmen on the telephone
is good enough for the president, why can’t an aide suck the toes of a
prostitute while talking to the president? Although he knows his history well,
Morris did not reveal anything we didn’t know already. He confirmed that
every time Bill Clinton got caught by Hillary he turned over more power and
policies to her. He broke and ran in Somalia and insisted on fighting from 15,000
feet in Yugoslavia because he had dodged the draft, and knew that body bags
and Arlington cemetery funerals would remind the people that when his country’s
call came he had done a runner.

The trouble
was that by the time the pardons came, Morris was gone. The good news is that
the criminal probe into Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich may still be challenged
in the courts. As far as I’m concerned, Pardongate is unpardonable. Even
without the greed, the dishonesty, the perjuries and the personal destruction
of innocent people–traits the Clintons brought into public life–the
pardons are such flagrant misuses of power Bill Clinton should be shunned by
all decent folk, starting with the media. But the day the media elite shun a
clown like Clinton, I will turn into Monica Lewinsky.

Denise Rich
obviously denies that her successful lobbying efforts were the result of her
massive campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. In this she reminds
me of all those towelheads who refuse to believe the bin Laden tape is for real.
They would, wouldn’t they? Denise Rich bribed the Clintons with her ex-hubby’s
moolah, no ifs or buts about it, and anyone who doubts it should join the Flat
Earth Society sooner rather than later. What I’d like to know is how much
Marc Rich and Pincus Green will turn over to the Clintons in Switzerland once
the furor has subsided. The Clintons have always lied about everything and gotten
away with it, even swearing falsely under oath in a court of law. Why should
they not believe that the greatest briber of them all, Marc Rich, will set it
up in a way they will never be caught? Rich beat the IRS, beat the FBI, beat
the United States Justice Dept. by covering his tracks in a manner to make an
Indian scout green with envy. I cannot prove it, but Marc Rich is free to come
to America because he bribed the White House. I only hope the papers of the
fugitive fraudster’s lawyers reveal the truth. But I’m not holding
my breath.

Susan Rosenberg
and Linda Sue Evans were associated with the murder of policemen in a 1981 armored-car
robbery. They were also associated with the bombing of the U.S. Capitol in 1983.
Both of their sentences were commuted. Hillary’s slob of a brother charged
$200,000 to Carlos Vignali, a cocaine dealer and son of a donor to the Democratic
Party. He also had his way. One radical who didn’t get pardoned–that’s
because she was on the run and could not bribe the Democrats–is Kathleen
Soliah, as she was called back when she was trying to kill cops. As Sara Jane
Olson, she gets half a page in The New York Times explaining why
she’s now a victim of the government. Yet this phony radical (weren’t
they all phonies?) had very little to say about assisting a group that murdered
the first black school superintendent in Oakland. Mind you, you’d think
for fairness’ sake the Times would try to contact the families of
those who died so radicals like Olson could have some excitement in their lives.
Perhaps the judge who will pronounce sentence will contact them and ask how
they feel about this self-obsessed bitch who 26 years later still insists she
did nothing wrong.

been too many pardons, and too many of the very bad guys have gotten away with
murder. Now that we have a serious man in the White House and another in the
Justice Dept., it is time we changed course. Too many tears have been shed by
families of innocent people. The guilty need to pay.