Move The #($*%&@ Over, Buddy!

Written by Dana Haitkin on . Posted in Breaking News, Posts.

Yesterday, a study done by AutoVantage was released naming New York City as the second worst city for road rage in the country.  While we aren’t as busy or angry as Miami, where drivers are most likely to be found putting on makeup behind the wheel, we are most likely to cut over without notice. The only real shocker here is that we’re worse than Boston, where reckless drivers actually speed up and try to hit police officers! In the survey, road rage was defined as, “Angry or upset drivers, including out-of-control drivers and drivers who lose their temper,” and, “Bad or aggressive driving, including bad/careless/crazy and/or rude driving, cutting into lanes, cutting people off, tailgating, speeding and/or honking.” Who, us? We’re not sure how Bloomberg’s congestion charge will affect road ragers, but the words “rage” and “charge” usually go hand in hand.

Photo courtesy of manamanah on Flickr