Most Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods in US: Brooklyn Makes the Cut With Four

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The Thomas B. just released a study on the fastest-gentrifying neighborhoods in the United States. Is it any surprise several neighborhoods rank highly on the list of twenty-five?

According to Executive Vice President of the Fordham Institute and Education Analyst, Michael J. , who performed the study, he took into account zip codes and places with a large increase in the white share of the population, though he admits neither of these is a perfect indicator. Changes in income levels were not yet available at the time of the 2010 study, said.

The Brooklyn neighborhoods included , Williamsburg, and parts of . The data reveals both and Williamsburg, ranked 6th and 7th respectively, jumped from about 20% white in 2000 to nearly 50% white in 2010. New York is the most represented state on the list, though Petrilli said “these gentrifying neighborhoods are literally all over the map.”

A report on the study from Business Insider says while Brooklyn has always been known for its diversity, it’s increasingly gaining a reputation as “a mecca for young, white, artistically minded 20-somethings.”

Here’s some property cost breakdown, courtesy of StreetEasy:

-In Clinton Hill there are houses for sale at nearly $2 million, while apartment rentals bottom out at $1,550.

-In Williamsburg a townhouse can be purchased for $7 million, while the lowest rental goes for $1,600.

-In Prospect Heights a house can go for up to $5.8 million, while an apartment rental can be a steal at $1,200.

-In parts of Bushwick you can find an $8.2 million home, while an apartment can go for as low as $500.

—Alissa Fleck

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