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To the Editor:
I found the Q&A, “Charter Crusader: Eva Moskowitz” (April 1) informative, but felt that additional questions should have been asked regarding current and future issues that affect the charter school system, including Ms. Moskowitz’s Success Charter Network.

One of the questions would be, do you think the State Legislature will be victorious in raising the charter school cap to increase New York’s chance of being a recipient of Race to the Top funds? Gov. David Paterson stated that he wants to eliminate the charter school cap, currently at 200, so New York would enhance its application to winning federal funds. It is possible without an increase in the cap that New York would not receive the much-needed money.

With most of the current and future charter located in the Bronx and Brooklyn, this leads to my second question: How would you resolve the tension between charter and public when they share the same building? This has been a contentious issue among public that have seen classrooms slowly taken over by charter school students. A couple of Ms. Moskowitz’s Harlem Success occupy public school space.

As an educator, I am in favor of school option for parents and students. Additionally, I hope that New York receives the Race to the Top funds to reform education. I am just concerned how additional charter schools will be established without causing severe stress with public school neighbors. How would one of Ms. Moskowitz’s sons react if he were told that he would have to give up his room for a live-in boarder?

Daniel M. Wolkenfeld
East 82nd Street

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