More Anti-Semitic Vandalism Appears in Williamsburg

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We reported on cases of anti-Semitic vandalism throughout Brooklyn neighborhoods in recent weeks, now it appears even more cases are cropping up.

Police believe it’s possible the owners of a dozen vehicles in Williamsburg, which had windows shattered by a pellet gun overnight, were targets of anti-Semitic vandals, reports What’s News, an Orthodox Jewish Community newspaper.

The attack on the vehicles occurred shortly after Rabbi Aron Kraus of Williamsburg was targeted in his vehicle by a shooter, who pulled up beside him and proceeded to shoot out his windows.

Brooklyn Scoop reports hateful anti-Semitic messages were also scrawled on a Williamsburg street last night. This past Friday, an Orthodox man was assaulted on the way home from Shul in Sheepshead Bay, the Scoop also reports.

Police continue to look for connections in all these cases.

—Alissa Fleck

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