More Anti-Semitic Vandalism Appears in Williamsburg

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We reported on cases of anti-Semitic throughout Brooklyn neighborhoods in recent weeks, now it appears even more cases are cropping up.

Police believe it’s possible the owners of a dozen vehicles in , which had windows shattered by a pellet gun overnight, were targets of anti-Semitic vandals, reports What’s News, an Jewish Community newspaper.

The attack on the vehicles occurred shortly after Rabbi Aron Kraus of Williamsburg was targeted in his vehicle by a shooter, who pulled up beside him and proceeded to shoot out his windows.

Brooklyn Scoop reports hateful anti-Semitic messages were also scrawled on a Williamsburg street last night. This past Friday, an Orthodox man was assaulted on the way home from Shul in , the Scoop also reports.

Police continue to look for connections in all these cases.

—Alissa Fleck

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