Mobi-Mats Come to New York Beaches

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts, Technology.

Don’t we all just love a day at the beach? Baking in the hot sun with no shade in sight, bathing beside thousands of other sweaty urban refugees, getting sand in unmentionable places only to unwittingly set it free back home in your teeny tiny apartment—it’s the perfect summer treat. And starting in June, it will be easier for handicapped folks to enjoy it thanks to a new program to be tested by the city. If you use a walker, wheelchair or other aid that has the potential to sink in the sand or trip on the rocks, you’ll have access to a portable mat on which to walk or roll from boardwalk to Atlantic. Rockaway Beach will be the first to get a "mobi-mat" on June 3rd, and Brighton Beach will get one a week later.

Photo courtesy of Elsie esq. on Flickr