Milk Marauder

Written by Jerry Danzig on . Posted in Crime Watch West Side Spirit.

A man was arrested for stealing one half-gallon of milk from a bodega on West End Avenue. At 2:10 AM on Friday, Aug. 2, a 47-year-old man walked into the bodega, took a half-gallon container of milk, and walked out of the store without paying. A store employee — a 38-year-old man — confronted the thief and tried to take the milk back. The robber then punched the employee on the right side of his face with his closed fist before returning to his own residence on West 65th Street, where he told his neighbor, a police officer, what had occurred. Police brought the employee to the thief’s residence, where he made a positive ID. The milk marauder was arrested Aug.2 and charged with robbery.

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