Mikulski To Lead For Hillary

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Posts, Technology.

Maryland Democrat Senator Barbara Mikulski, the first woman elected to serve in the Senate, threw her support behind Senate colleague Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign today, not only endorsing her but becoming a national campaign co-chair.

“Hillary is the leader who
will put this nation back on track, whether it’s ending the war in Iraq, providing
educational opportunities for our children, restoring our standing in the world
or addressing our increasing deficit. She works every day to advance women’s
rights, by standing up for the women’s basketball team at Rutgers
and leading the legislative effort for equal pay to become a reality for women.
As the first Democratic woman elected to the Senate in my own right, I am honored
to join Senator Clinton in this historic effort to break the last barrier for
women in public life," said Mikulski.

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