McCarren Park Closes For Third Time Since Reopening

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before it was filled in. Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons

 Fecal matter, although expected, adds to the pool’s list of problems

Remember last week’s article saying that unwanted waste is more welcome in a pool than fighting? Well, the sentiment was heard.

The just-reopened, newly-renovated McCarren Park Pool was closed for the third time since its unveiling on June 28 because, per DNAInfo, someone had a “diaper accident” in the pool.

The closing marks a tumultuous re-beginning for the young pool but, on the bright side, and if you overlook a poor child’s embarrassing defeat at the hands of his bladder, no violence was involved.

The brown floatie poses less of a danger and concern for residents than the two closings that preceded it, which were both because of violent altercations between police and lifeguards and pool attendees. There was also another case, just hours before one of the fights, where three lockers in the pool’s locker room were broken into and robbed.

Just like with the last closing, residents hit Twitter regarding the closing again, albeit with a lighter heart than before.


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