McCall Wants You To Have A 401K

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Former State Comptroller H. Carl McCall is teaming up with the AARP to lead a campaign that will urge employers to make it easier for everyday New Yorkers to enroll in a 401K savings program.

McCall will serve as
volunteer chair of the AARP New York’s Economic Security Campaign, which aims
to help millions of New Yorkers gain retirement security. McCall will advocate
that New York
employers adopt automatic 401(k)s, which enroll workers in the employer’s
savings plan unless they opt out.

"There is money on the table you’re not
taking advantage of when you don’t enroll in a 401(k)," says McCall.

"Carl McCall will excel
as chair of the campaign since he is well-known for helping secure the nation’s
second-largest pension fund, allowing 1 million state and local workers to
build and safeguard their retirement savings while he was the state
comptroller," according to AARP New York State Director Lois Aronstein.
"We are excited to have him volunteer to spearhead our effort to help
other New Yorkers secure their future as well."

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