Mayor Bloomberg Gives Shout Out to City & State’s First Read

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It’s been a good week for City & State First Read, the early-morning email roundup of breaking news stories and events that has become as indispensable as a cup of coffee for many in political and government circles across New York. Yesterday for the first time, the email went out to more than 17,000 recipients. Later in the morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave a shout-out to First Read at City & State’s MWBE event, joking that he could start off by reading the email’s birthday announcements – but that everyone in the audience had already read them. And, speaking of birthdays, today is the first anniversary of First Read, which was officially launched and started showing up in inboxes exactly a year ago. In another sign of how the email has grown, only seven events were listed on the first First Read, compared to 33 today.

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