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I Am The Market: How to Smuggle Cocaine by the Ton, in Five Easy Lessons By Luca Rastello, out now

Italian journalist Rastello follows an anonymous smuggler (Mr. Market) through the world of cocaine trafficking. Despite the title, this is not a how-to book, kids.

To Sound in the Know: Rastello writes for La Reppublica, an Italian newspaper that follows how crime affects the international community.

The Tiger’s Wife By Téa Obreht, out March 8

A young doctor goes in search of her grandfather’s past and finds, besides that history, a deafmute woman who befriended a tiger a half century earlier.

To Sound in the Know: Despite this being her debut novel, Obreht has already made The New Yorker’s 20 Under 40 List. Nowhere to go but up!

book_neil.jpgEveryone Loves You When You’re Dead: Journeys Into Fame and Madness By Neil Strauss, out March 15

The journalist who has written about Mtley Cre and Jenna Jameson looks back through years of material at the clusterfuck and madness that is stardom.

To Sound in the Know: Strauss wrote the bestseller The Game about the world of pick-up artists and continues to run StyleLife Academy, an online dating tool for tools who can’t get dates.

book_sarah.jpgUnfamiliar Fishes By Sarah Vowell, out March 22

What happened when English missionaries tried to tame the wilds of Hawaii in the 1800s? I know, I was just wondering the same thing. Thankfully, Sarah Vowell has all the answers in her new non-fiction foray.

To Sound in the Know: Vowell is president of the Board of Directors of Park Slope’s 826NYC tutoring center. And that really is her voice.

book_jim.jpgYou Think That’s Bad By Jim Shepard, out March 22

This new collection of short stories jumps all over the world (New Guinea, the Middle East, the U.S.) and time (Los Alamos, Joan of Arc), while still maintaining Shepard’s distinct voice and point of view.

To Sound in the Know: His last book, Like You’d Understand Anyway, won the

Story Prize and was a National Book Award Finalist.

book_confidential.jpgSweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later… By Francine Pascal, out March 29

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are back… and they’re adults! From the time before OMG, the once teenaged it-girls are now living their complicated, 27-year-old lives.

To Sound in the Know: The Sweet Valley High team has produced 152 (!) books between the original and spin-off series.

book_sherry.jpgSherry & Narcotics By Nina-Marie Gardner, April 1

In this debut novel, an American grad student goes to London and falls for a poet from Manchester. Might sound like a Reese Witherspoon movie, but there’s addiction, sex and lies… so not really.

To Sound in the Know: Williamsburgh resident Gardner based the novel on her own experiences as a creative-writing grad student in London.