Marbury Finished As Knick?

Written by Jason Singer on . Posted in Posts, Sports.

looks like neither Stephon Marbury nor his alter ego, Starbury, could
save the Knicks point guard from being shipped out of New York. 
Marbury missed practice
today, one day after a high-ranking Knicks official said that head
coach Isiah Thomas and owner James Dolan were discussing ways to reduce
the guard’s role or get rid of him completely.

Marbury, who self-destructed
like a videotape in a bad espionage movie during Sunday’s loss to
Miami, fully accepted blame for the defeat after the game. But
apparently, that wasn’t enough to save his job.

Unfortunately for New York, they’ve handled money worse than an Enron CEO
over the past few years, and they owe Marbury $42 million over the next
two seasons. Subsequently, they only can buy out his contract (making
him a free agent) or trade him, and moving that kind of contract is
nearly impossible.

Getting rid of Marbury would mark the end of another brilliant move by
Isiah Thomas, who acquired the egotistical, overpaid point guard in a
trade in 2004. And while it’s amazing Thomas has kept his job through
all of his poor decisions and a sexual-harassment suit, wasting more
money by buying out Marbury’s contract doesn’t seem like a way to get
back in Dolan’s good graces.