Man’s New Best Friend

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts, Technology.

A former Long Island man has created a fridge that throws beer. You heard me. John Cornwell, a 22-year-old Duke graduate with a degree in electrical and computer engineering, has designed the couch potato’s dream—you sit on the couch, and let your fridge toss you a cold one. It works like this: Take a fridge containing beer, add a mini elevator capable of catapulting said beer, punch a key on the remote, sit back and enjoy. Cornwell plans to sell is miraculous invention for $1,500 each—that’s 20 cans of frosty goodness for which you won’t have to budge an inch. You don’t go to Duke for nothin’ boys and girls. Of course, you don’t need a degree to plug in a mini fridge adjacent to your couch.