Video: Man in Ferrari Runs Over Cop While Trying to Evade Minor Traffic Ticket

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Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

File this one in all things absurd and humiliating. Yesterday in Soho, a man in a Ferrari—reportedly the boyfriend of an MTV reality star, according to Gothamist—attempted to speed off while being ticketed by an NYPD officer. He didn’t get far though as, unfortunately, he managed to do even more damage in the process.

The Ferrari driver apparently ran over part of the cop’s foot while attempting to drive away and avoid the ticket, which was likely just for outdated license plate stickers, according to Gothamist. The NYPD officer then reached in and forcefully removed the driver from the vehicle, who was subsequently cuffed and taken into custody. Reality star girlfriend drove off in the Ferrari.

There are probably at least several self-evident lessons to be gleaned from this story.

—Alissa Fleck

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