Mailbox 12.30.09-01.05.10

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Are You Avatarded?
Some folks were blue—get it?—over the review we ran of the box office-busting Avatar.

One wrote, “I don’t agree with your interpretation, Mr.White, however I do admire your practice of digging below the superficial aspects of cinema that so many other critics and audience members obsess over to uncover the subtext. Revealing implicit meanings and themes is always fascinating. Despite the film’s many conflicted themes and images, I found it to be genuine and authentic, with noble aspirations occasionally betrayed by its necessity to exist simultaneously as a mass-market film and a work of art with various political, environmental and social messages.”

Another noted, “I don’t agree, and your knack of pointing out the obvious is astounding! Have fun with the rest of your soulless, guilt-free, greedy existence.”

It’s Complicated, But Not Necessarily Good
One reader wrote in to disagree with Armond White’s review of It’s Complicated (in which he said, “Each ‘adorable’ yet unreal scene is more offensive than the last.”) “This reviewer missed some very important parts of this movie! It was funny! Side-splitting, laugh-out-loud funny! Meryl and Alec actually kept us entertained. Now that’s novel in movies lately! So if you want to go out and have some fun this holiday season, see this movie.” It wasn’t all insane praise for La Streep and her furry Baldwin friend, though. Another comment read, “Saw a screening of this film. No one laughed. It shows that old people need stupid comedy, too.”

Caged Snake
When Stephen Vesecky went out of his way to avoid hooking up with a girl he didn’t really like, he went way, way too far. This piece of fan mail schools him on exactly how lame, hell, unpatriotic, his disinterest in getting together with a lady he didn’t care for really was.

“This guy has to be the biggest WUSS in NYC. Here is a girl, presumably good-looking, with female parts, that wants to hump this jerkoff.And this jerkoff is doing his damnedest to keep his pecker in his pants when she is willing to screw him? What gives? Is his pecker that dainty that it can’t take a little crotch action? What makes this wuss tick? If I were the guy, I’d bang the living daylights out of this broad and have her panting for more.Why in the world wouldn’t this wuss want to bang this dame? Is there something we’re missing, such as Chlamydia or the big S or something? Is this broad on the level? Is she maybe a transvestite and that’s why he’s afraid of pulling out his pecker? My god, what has this world come to when a guy doesn’t automatically bang a chick lying on his bed after a few drinks? That’s what makes America great. Loser!”