Mailbox: 12.23.09-12.30.09

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The Bitch is Back

Linnea Covington’s story about spicy cocktails, “Hot Sauce” (Dec. 16-22), provoked a couple of readers to share their drinking views, such as: “The Dirty Bitch is to a Bloody Mary as Balenciaga is to Old Navy. A cocktail of elegant balance and harmonious proportions, it is lovingly crafted, a brilliant conversation starter, and absolutely worthy of a destination visit to the Dressing Room’s cozy bar. Do not underestimate the Bitch.” Another wrote: “If James Bond and Thomas Crown were meeting on a yacht off the coast of Spain, [The Dirty Bitch] is the drink they would have. It’s the bold flavor of a Bloody Mary with a lighter more drinkable texture… It has a fresh garden feel that would make it work as a great summer cocktail too.”

Worn-out Women

Jessie Marshall’s Flavor of the Week column, “The Cabbie’s Conscience” (Dec.16-22), caused one anonymous reader to vent: “This is ridiculous. You fantasize about boning a dirty non-U.S. cabbie— who would possibly hump you and dump you in Brooklyn—and you break up with a lawyer who had a little drinking problem? This is the problem with women in NYC. They have little long-term focus. Problem is that these young women will be all worn out by the time they want to settle down, and the men will not want them but will pursue the younger meat. Get used to it, Sista!”

Drank the Kool-Aid

Armond White’s review last week of James Cameron’s Avatar (“Blue in the Face,” Dec. 16-22) has produced a firestorm of responses, both “positive”: “I’m with you, Armond. As a proud Marine, an educated American, and a non coolaid [sic] drinker, I found the film simple minded and heartless. I cannot comment on the film after the 9/11 in the jungle scene, as I got up and left. It was interesting to me watching the smiley faced evil white men in the helicopters firing rockets at the helpless aliens, and then seeing the only pilot with a conscience, a Hispanic female, refusing to fire her weapons. What a racist puke-fest this was! This is what American film has been reduced to? Dances with FernGully ?” And “negative”: “Are you SERIOUSLY calling this scribble a review, or even worse—a thought provoking criticism!? You who can’t stand amateur bloggers and alike!? Has [the] New York Press editor died or something!? (Editor’s Note: No, the New York Press editor has not died. He is alive and well and finally going to get a muchneeded vacation.)

Then there was the reader who decided to thank Armond because: “It’s educated, articulate, black men such as yourself which might yet save America from liberal, metrosexual white men who have forgotten what it means to be men. Conservative minorities; church-going Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Orthodox Jews need to unite to bring commonsense and morality back to America. America has its share of evils in its past, but it’s still the most free place on Earth, providing the most opportunity and upward mobility to smart, hardworking individuals.”

Race You to the Finish

I have been reading for a few months now, and I have to say that Armond White is the worst critic and one of the most racist people I have ever heard of. Every column I read he is pulling the race card or trying to re-interpret someone’s film into some political rant. [For example]: “The corniest movie ever made about the white man’s need to lose his identity and assuage racial, political, sexual and historical guilt.”

Now, I’m sorry, but does the term “white man” really need to be in there? Also, I’m dying to know how a sci-fi film is trying to ease racial, political and most importantly sexual guilt? Every time I read comments that readers have left this man, it is them calling for his job and dogging him for poor reviews and comments.

I’m not sure if your a film watcher yourself, but I don’t understand how he gives a raunchy comedy such as Dance Flick—which flopped horribly at the box office—a good review while dogging these award-nominated films. I’m not saying that because they are nominated that it makes them good, but it seems as if he trashes things just to get attention. I would consider finding someone else to review for you all who is much less racist and offending.

—Ryan Cate

Ring That Bell

Armond White is a fucking piece of shit, he needs to go jump off a building and let the rest of the world enjoy movies. He thrives on his fucking superiority complex he has built up around himself; he needs to shut the fuck up and be put in line. He’s a little shithead and, if I knew him personally, I would ring his doorbell and knock his teeth in when he answered the door.

—Ian Mount