Mailbox: 11.04.09-11.10.09

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Bloody Right

Simon Abrams’ piece about Halloween film offerings, “Bumps (and Chumps) in the Night (Oct. 28) caused on reader to respond: “F*ck Film Forum. Their programmers have always had contempt for genre films, yet they threw together this mismatched pair of (admittedly great) horror/thriller titles, late in the game, just to have something available for Halloween. Rent Theater Of Blood and Scream Of Fear on DVD, and spend your hardearned dollars at a cinema that stoops so low as to care about genre films throughout the other 364 days of the year, like BAM or Anthology.”

Parasitic Activity

And Armond White’s take on Theater of Blood (Oct. 28-Nov. 3) also riled up a reader, who wrote: “The linking between Spielberg and the horror genre should not miss the opportunity to admonish Spielberg for his active role in unleashing Paranormal Activity on the public. The never attained greatness of Theater of Blood—its earnestness—squashes the flat, empty and pornographic imagery in P.A.

“Now the biggest film in the country, it sets back a genre with its impressive expressionistic roots and coded imagery another couple of years. I just watched Witchfinder General (another Price vehicle,) and while it could be considered a proto-Saw film, its mix of history, pastoral photography and correct meaning show how far the genre has fallen.”

Dynamite Bullshit

Another White review, for Jared Hess’ Gentlemen Broncos (Oct. 28-Nov. 3), caused at least one angry response that began, “…While I can appreciate your shtick—which is, essentially, a more provocative variant on the Chuck Klosterman’s “Ain’t it endearing the way I read far more than is necessary into inane schlock?”—in this review, you’re getting pretty threadbare. Female Trouble is John Waters’ best movie? Really?

“I understand your contrarian cred might get torpedoed if you said you enjoyed a widely accepted modern movie, but you didn’t even back up your assertion. Rather, it seems you slapped it in there just to let people know, “Hey, check it out, I still defy conventional wisdom!” Also: “Hess is not in to irony.” Are you kidding me? Napoleon Dynamite is so choked with twee irony it needs a tracheotomy.”

Eden is for Dummies

Oh, and in case you were wondering, White’s review of Lars von Trier’s Antichrist (Oct. 21-27) made one Christian happy: “I thank you for your review of

this film. Although I was not going to see it anyway, due to its anti-Christian and anti-religious premise (even if in title only, since the content doesn’t make sense), however, when I read reviews the aspects of a film that you comment on are exactly what I , as a Christian, want to find out. Thanks.”

Picture This

Ainsley Drew’s Flavor of the Week column, “You Should be in Pictures” (Oct.28-Nov. 3), about the salacious sexting she receives seems to have reminded several others of their own experiences: “This article made me laugh out loud. Each person not only has their ‘type,’ but we have the creepy behavior that our own personal unique snowflakiness seems to bring out in others. Please tell me this writer is going to start doing regular columns.”

Another reader added, “I’m not sure what kind of response I elicit from guys, aside from me being too standoffish for them to approach unless we’re introduced! The only time I’ve received dick photos is from Craigslist:Where, it seems, no matter WHAT you post an ad for (even if you’re looking to buy a hammock), you get a dick shot in response.”

French Weenie

Sarah Elder’s Flavor column, “My Homo in Paris” (Oct. 21-27) rankled one reader who let us know: “What is it about the French? They’re so slimy, why would any girl want their weenie in them? I am totally unimpressed with those greasy guys with the dirty moustaches.”

Out to Lunch

Gerry Visco wrote a Bash Compactor story about a recent sit-down with Lydia Lunch “No Lunch” (Oct. 21-27) that caused a reader to write: “These four paragraphs are a ridiculous waste of time.

Lunch is a lady who has put a lot of years into her work and deserves a better feature, preferably administered by someone who is an ‘expert on Lunch’s creative output.’ Can people really write for NYPress without doing their homework? Amazing.” —Aaron

Gerry Visco’s response was: Hey Aaron, what’s your last name? I love anonymous critics. What have you done that’s so great? As a mater of fact, I wrote a whole page piece about Lunch in August. Google it. I also interviewed Lunch by phone from Barcelona for my radio show this summer. In addition, I was around and on the scene during the creative output you mention. So as for homework, you better get cracking, whoever you are!