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Don’t Stop

I read [the Letter from the Editor, Aug. 19-25] in the New York Press yesterday supporting the critical writing of Armond White, and I want to thank you for taking a stand against homogenized thinking. I tried to find the editorial on the website because I wanted to share it with a few friends that are struggling and fighting the same terrible trajectory in other fields like art and fiction…

Now that you have started something heroic, don’t stop. How about bringing back Judy McGuire and her Dategirl column, which I sorely miss. And hire Nat Hentoff to write for you because the Village Voice doesn’t seem interested anymore, and Deborah Jowitt, the dance columnist. Thank you again. You made my day.

—Rebecca S. Myles,WBAI Pacifica radio, 99.5 FM, NYC

Beets Me

The article (“The Beets Go On,” Aug. 19- 25) does not do The Beets justice. Why? You make them sound like directionless morons when, in reality, they are really amazing talented witty people. Mistakes in this article: 1. They are all members because they are all talented musicians, not out of convenience or because of need of “makeshift management.”

2.They did not meet in high school. 3.They did not just start “a year ago.” 4.They were never in a TV ad. 5.They did not describe any shows on their way to Austin as “shitty,” and you know that. Please get your facts right before you publish an unintentionally defamatory article. —Carlen

Peace, Love and Stupidity

Re: “Bash Compactor: Hippie Dippy” (Aug. 19-25), about a Woodstock exhibit, one reader wrote: “Why must we be so negative in this day and age. Is it necessary to hate on people and events that you have no interest in anyway.

It is a shame that people like Matt Harvey and the rest of the writers who write these Bash Compactor articles exist. Go write an article of some substance and prove to yourself that you are better than writing this crap for a second-rate paper. Peace, Love, & happiness!!!!! And another shared similar feelings, commenting: “And your point is? I was there with the hundreds of other people that “got it.” You may be too young to know what the world was like before the late ’60s. The saying goes, “If you remember the ‘60s, you weren’t there.” My bet is that you weren’t there and don’t have a clue about what it was about.This is typical modern “journalism,” and I use the term loosely. Three days of Love and Peace, and you write about what Country Joe said and Jimi’s interpretation of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” By the way, Jimi was a veteran, and it was the Vietnam War. PEACE!”

Matt at Mars

Re: “Bash Compactor: Mars Attacks!” (Aug. 12-18), one reader was impressed that Matt Harvey braved the infamous downtown bar, writing: “I wish I had the both the courage and inclination to enter a place like Mars Bar once in my life. It will likely never happen, but reading this article made me feel as close to being there as possible without actually stepping over the threshold.”

That Basterd Tarantino

“Oh my! I must admit I would have never read a single Armond White film review if not for the now-famous Ebert blog. And suddenly, I’ve read the best review I can possibly imagine on Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (“Nazi Junkie Jamboree,” Aug. 19-25). Saw QT’s latest on Saturday, and while you can’t help but be impressed by his style, something rings hollow about the entire film. Basterds is a step up from the pitiful Grindhouse flick and amazingly dull Kill Bill films.Truth be told, the only QT film I’ve ever respected and enjoyed unconditionally was Jackie Brown, and not sure QT will ever come close to smelling that again. Keep them thinking Mr. White. Keep them thinking. Nice job.”

—Chris Kent

Walled In

“Wow! You have some mighty big balls calling Roger Waters a hack, [Mike Edison]! (“The Draws of Mozart,” Aug. 12- 18) Seriously? What is wrong with you? I’d like to see you take the equipment he uses for his effects and do what he can do with them! It’s not like the machines play themselves! It takes skill and knowhow to do what he does. Besides that, he writes some of the greatest lyrics ever written.

So before you go shooting your mouth off about crap you obviously know nothing about, let’s hear what you can do!!! How disrespectful.

—Shannon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Letters may be edited for size and form.