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The Quinn Question

Our cover story last week,“A Second Date?” (July 29-Aug. 4) sparked some online discourse regarding the two candidates running for the District 3 City Council against Speaker Christine Quinn. One reader wrote: “Kurland will win this election.Ydanis Rodrigues will win in upper Manhattan, Chin or Gleason will win in the South, Daniel Dromm will win against the incumbent in Queens. This is going to be a serious wake up call for those arrogant politicians who think their power comes from their position not the people they represent. Go get them Yetta! And I am not a lesbian or gay!!” Another person, calling himself UhDoy, responded with a prediction: “Quinn 73 percent, Derr 18 percent, Kurland 9 percent.The idea that either of these jokes stands a chance is really laughable.

Otherwise a very entertaining and wellwritten article.The graphic is hysterical.” In turn, a reader responded: “Wow, I almost feel sorry for Quinn operatives. Quinn didn’t even get anywhere near 73 percent when she ran in a special election before she had the slush fund and term limit scandals.
The best part is that they are trying to suggest Derr is the stronger candidate because they are so worried about Kurland.”

UhDoy wasn’t going to be silenced, however, and retorted:“I’m talking pure politics, not a popularity contest among informed people (such as those who would read this article).This is also not about whose a better person. It’s true that Quinn didn’t get 73 percent when she ran in a special election against other viable candidates for an open seat. Now she’s been the incumbent for 10 years and Speaker going on four.This election isn’t going to be about term limits or slush funds, it’s going to be about name recognition and turn out operation.

“I gave Derr more than Kurland in my estimate because she’s using her uncle’s name (who was in the New York Assembly I believe for years) “Passannante” and has been involved in the community board for many years. Kurland had no community involvement before she decided to run. She´s worked hard to raise her profile but Quinn has about a 20-year head start: 10 years in office and many years in the community as Tom Duane’s Chief of Staff and other positions.

She’s also an extremely experienced campaigner and she and her top-of-the-line consultants know how to turn out votes.The only fear about Kurland is that she cracks double digits, which would look bad for Quinn. But Quinn will easily stay in her seat and as Speaker and only someone who has drank the KoolAid could see it differently.

Kurland does have a type of charisma that makes people believe her excrement doesn’t stink, but it smells just like everyone else’s…

Chelsea Girls

Thanks for the coverage in NY Press. Jamaal did a great job: well-written, very fair to all. Regardless of the outcome, it’s important that people run against incumbents who have flouted fundamental democratic principles and the will of the people.

There’s a debate with Quinn and Yetta Kurland at NYU on August 13. — Maria Passannante-Derr

Icy Cold

Linnea Covington’s piece about the high price of iced coffee,“Hey, Joe” (July 29-Aug. 4) prompted one reader to respond “Totally why I make my own cold-brewed coffee at home each night.While I don’t use the best grounds in the world, I still get a smoother, fruitier cup of pep in the morning. Plain and simple. Iced coffee is not just coffee and ice.”


In Armond White’s review of Lorna’s Silence (July 29-Aug. 4), he mentioned the music of An Pierlé, which provoked one reader to add: “Wow! How unexpected to read An Pierlé being mentioned in an American film critic’s review. I hope this suggests a following here in the States. She’s the best new thing to happen to music in a loooong time. In addition to “How Does It Feel?”, I’d recommend people check out her track “Tenderness” from the album An Pierlé & White Velvet. It could have been written by Stevie Nicks.Yes,An Pierlé is Fleetwood Mac–worthy.The last time someone appeared on the music scene about whom I’d say that was Iris Dement.Thank you,Armond, for spreading the word. P.S. Kathryn Bigelow ought to direct a music video for “How Does It Feel?” That has more potential than the material she worked on in The Hurt Locker.

Coded Humor

Our article about the The Great Trans- Gowanus Cable,“Muck Code” (July 29-Aug. 4) had quite a few fans, and one Morse Code afficionado named Mike informed us: FYI: four dits ( . . . . ) is ‘H’, and two dits ( . . ) is an ‘I’. So, dit-dit-dit-dit for ‘H’, and dit-dit for ‘I’, is ‘HI’ In the old days of telegraphy, HI HI is often used as the telegraphers version of ‘LOL’, since HI HI (converted to Morse code) actually SOUNDS like someone laughing: HI HI: dit-dit-dit-dit dit-dit dit-dit-dit-dit dit-dit Or sometimes, just HI.”Thanks, Mike! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Letters may be edited for size and form.

Photo: Marianne O’Leary, via flickr Photo illustration: Wendy Hu