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Hostage to an Ideal

Re: Armond White’s review of The Taking of Pelham 123 (June 10-16): Armond White wrote,“It may signal Obamaism that Washington has graduated to the trustworthy Everyman role Walter Matthau personified in the original…” But Denzel [also] played a “trustworthy everyman” in John Q years ago, during Dubya’s first term. Frankly, I’m not sure that Denzel could ever play a credible “everyman” role: He’s too much of a thespian. Could a performer this charismatic ever credibly play a normal dude, like a mass transit dispatcher? Did Sidney Poitier have this problem, or was he always playing the role of the indomitable black alpha male?"

I don’t particularly like and/or listen to critics, but this review of Pelham is accurate.The movie was a disappointment. It wasn’t a remake; it was a make-over—and a bad one at that. I usually turn off my intellect and try to enjoy a film, but having seen the original Pelham 123, the high expectation and the caliber of actors, I thought I was going to witness a classic.This was a totally different (bad) film.

—MisterKool 1

Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” was sophomoric pandering (albeit well-executed sophomoric pandering), but the song itself is a fun and catchy example of hip-hop’s attempt to shift the criteria of legitimacy from authentic urban experience to commercial success.

This attempt will succeed, if it has not already, so the song was probably an appro priate choice for a movie like Pelham 123.

Sprechen sie Armond?

A German TV [station] runs the casting [reality show] Mission Hollywood, in which a young female candidate can win a roll in the sequel to Twilight. Because Armond found that film much better than Let the Right One in—he should apply there as a juror himself. I don’t know if he knows [judges] Til Schweiger and Heiner Lauterbach, but since he finds every film with Adam Sandler and Jason Statham great, maybe he also likes One Way, Where Is Fred!? or Dreamship Surprise:Period 1 too.

Totally Stomped Props to Ethan Epstein (“Totally Stumped,” June 3-9) for writing about what a lot of us are thinking—Stumptown Duane Sorenson = dbags, arrogant pricks, etc.). But, really, get a clue about the coffee industry before you write something like this. I doubt that Stumptown’s green/unroasted coffee is “flown” in from Africa. It’s called a container ship, buddy. Don’t knock a company for using buzz words, when you’re using them yourself as well.

A Good Pen But A Bad Tongue

I taste coffee from all over the globe—comparing Starbucks to Stumptown is not done. Never, ever tasted something drinkable at Starbucks. Stumptown coffee, on the other hand, is the best a man can find. And blends are never rated:We cup and give scoring to singles, never to blends. Maybe better study before writing.

—Rob, Antwerp, Belgium