Mailbox: 05.20.09-05.26.09

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I can’t believe [Josh] Bernstein suffered through that shitshow (“Strip Steak,” Gut Instinct May 13-19)! I know the guy likes to drink, but I can’t imagine how much I’d need to get through an extended period of time with Michael Musto AND that crazy Couri Hay. But Bianca’s Triple Ds sounds fun, guess we’ll just have to wait to see who they finally pick to be the next Top-heavy Chef. —Doug Ralph, Chelsea

Smell the Poperie

Re: Armond White’s review of Angels & Demons (May 13-19): A lot of Ron Howard hate going on here. Didn’t see much of a re view.

Only that Howard is a simple-minded cretin.That this half-assed film critic would so vehemently defend a pedophile-enabling religion with such bile says more about the critic than the filmmakers. —Mick Hilliard

Correction: Aces Redux

In out April 30 issue, we reported that New Yorkers could now get an Amtrak train direct from New York City to Atlantic City.While tickets for the ACES train service can be purchased through the Amtrak website, the rail line is actually a service of NJ Transit and more information can be found at