Mailbox: 05.06.09-05.12.09

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Blow Me a River

Lori Mooney’s 8 Million Stories piece, “We’re Not In the Bronx Anymore” (April 29-May 5), about her transition into Manhattan riled up one reader, who wrote in: “What the hell Bronx does this broad come from? This shit is insane.The Bronx is full of coke and homos, Fordham University included.”

Hitting the Jackpot

Last week’s Flavor of the Week column, “Scammed, Conned and (Almost) Blinded by Love” (April 29-May 5), by Dawn Turzio also elicited a showing of support from her fan club. One commenter, calling himself JohnyBoy, wrote: “You open yourself up to everyone and paint a portrait with your words. As I read, I found I was taking sides going back and forth from one character to the other…then smiling at the last few lines of the story told feeling there was a ‘double insight’ discovered. Jackpot doesn’t always mean money.”

Blinded by Nostalgia

An April 22 interview with documentarian Donny Moss regarding his film Blinders has also stirred up some heated emotions. One commenter writes: “The horses add to the Central Park landscape.

I can’t imagine going to Central Park and seeing nothing but pedicabs. The oldest city in the U.S.A. must maintain some oldworld charm any way it can to keep from becoming a real Concrete Jungle. Animal Rights are usually socio-paths and anti everything involving animals.We need animals to enhance our lives. Not animal activists.They are all self-serving.”

Perhaps that reader was responding to the post that read: “Donny Moss is a complete fraud and knows absolutely positively nothing about horses.This guy is a gutless self-promoter who has zero regard for the welfare of animals (which is why he worked for a pharmaceutical testing lab for years). If he did, he would stop exploiting an industry that takes great pride and care of their horses and would do something about the horse slaughter crisis in America.What a transparent creep.”

Diva In the Making

And finally, we get a real, physical letter responding to Armond White’s review of Obsessed (April 29-May 5): “Thanks for mentioning what other critics otherwise forgot to mention (how silly of the NYPost not to review it!): Beyoncé Knowles’ physicality inviting comparison to Cleopatra Jones.

While not a ‘great’ thriller, Obsessed…is sufficiently watchable without the pretentions of Fatal Attraction. [It’s] and overworked point of comparison for reviewers who may miss the point, which certainly isn’t Stephen Holden’s self-revelatory comparison to O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson!…Even though Cadillac Records was, unfortunately, a box-office flop, its mere coverage as a significant theatrical feature film release led directly to Beyoncé Knowles singing “At Last” at Obama’s inaugurational ball, appropriately enough! —Mike Snell, NY