Mailbox: 04.15.09-04.21.09

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This Week: Our frank discussion of young New Yorkers’ salaries receives some feedback; Stevie Nicks fans don’t like Musto that much; and Armond White spoils the latest Seth Rogen comedy—or not.

Where’s the Snark?

After tiring of your newspaper for some years, I read your recent issue and was pleased that the New York Press seems a tad more generous and a tad less crabbed in its worldview these days. Instead of merely expressing a snarky resentment, the cover article (“What You Make,” April 8-14) actually looks at widely divergent New York incomes and perceptions of incomes in a vaguely sympathetic way. I hope that you will find that the deeper you go, the more interesting the story gets, even away from the surface glitter of clever apercus.

Obviously your article is not a scientific study, and a rather incredible number of the respondents seem to do freelance writing on the side. Is that really such a widespread trend, or does that reflect a bias in the sample? Another bias that is stated up front is that the poor “have been excluded from the conversation.”

What is meant by that statement of exclusion? I do suggest that for a fuller picture, one might follow up with reading Nickel and Dimed: on (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich, as well as last week’s New York Times piece about how older workers are being squeezed out of the workplace in really shocking ways. —P. A. Carroll, Astoria

Eat Your Babies

Really interesting…especially when you think about how expensive it is to live in NYC.We live in Atlanta on what some of these folks are making, and that’s supporting a family of four with a mortgage, a car and great health insurance. I’d have to eat both my kids in New York. But I’d also love to not have to drive…ever again. —E. Barnhardt, Atlanta

Stevie Nicks Rocks!

Re: “Bash Compactor,We’re Getting Older, Too” (April 8-14): I was there, and it was a fabulous night. In regard to Michael Musto’s comments: I’ve been a Stevie Nicks fan for 32 years and have befriended hundreds of other straight, gay, bi fans. Most of us not only believe in God, but love him as well.” And a dissenter’s point of view: “Michael Musto is a talking head covering an event. His words were thoughtless and judgmental. Stevie Nicks Rocks!!”

Armond Spoils Everything

Re: Armond White’s review of Observe and Report (April 8-14): “I don’t care if you disliked the film, but generally reviews for films are read by the people who are interested in seeing them. If you’re going to give away part of the plot, a spoiler warning would be nice. How about a little consideration for the reader and a little more respect for your job?” But another commentor wrote: “I first want to thank you for not including a ‘spoiler alert’ before mentioning the demise of Danny McBride’s character in the film.Although this film is obviously not your cup of tea, witnessing something like that might have been a jolting surprise to a filmgoer. And you mean to tell me that Seth Rogen’s character in the film doesn’t rise to the greatness of such classics as the git’er done guy? Oh well, then, you just saved me a trip to the local cineplex.”