Mailbox: 04.08.09-04.14.09

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Ades Fans Add Up

Dear Mr. Kaplan, I was delighted to find your story “The Real Joe Ades Vol.1”(April 1-7) in the current New York Press. I had purchased a peeler from him last fall, in front of Time Warner.Not knowing how terrific it would be, I bought only one. Now I find it to be a miracle tool and would love to buy 4 or 5 more for my beach house and to give as gifts. I phoned the Union Square Greenmarket people, but they were not aware of his daughter’s position there or when she shows up. Is there any way you could please put me in touch with Ruth, either by phone,email or a location and schedule at the Greenmarket? I really would like to buy some more of her father’s peelers.

Thanks so much for sharing this story of a remarkable man. I felt something was special about him when he lured me into his pitch that day.

—Suzanne Davis

I don’t understand how you can do a bio of Joe Ades without mentioning that prior to being the Peeler Guy he sold children’s books on the streets of Manhattan.I first came across him on the southwest corner of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue where I bought children’s books from him. He was great! Dazzling! The police gave him a problem because he was blocking the thoroughfare.It’s a shame that no one ever filmed this master at work.

—S. Korngut

White’s Wrong

Will someone please inform Armond White [“Steve McQueen’s Hunger,” Mar. 18-24] that Rory Mullen does not play the priest who converses with Bobby Sands in the central scene in Hunger? Mullen plays the priest in the prison chapel to whom no one is listening as he delivers his sermon. It is Liam Cunningham, playing Father Moran, who has the conversation with Bobby Sands (Michael Fassbender).

—The Cinema Kid

Fornication Foibles Foster Fan Club

David S. said, “Good God! It’s a tribute to the author’s talent that he could make a horror story [“Bisexual Bombshell,” April 1-7] so entertaining.” And another David added, “This story is wonderfully entertaining with a great twist I did not see coming. I would give it two thumbs up and say only Jerry Springer could top this one.”

High Five for HIV Story

On our website, John Doe said, “Finally, the press pays some attention to this first-rate scandal. It takes someone of Young’s caliber to come out and go after this issue [“Real Politikin’: Lovin’ is Best...” April 1-7]. In 10 years when the bills and deaths of this policy come due, every second-rate journalist will write about it. For now Young stands as the lone pioneer! Aggressively arguing a position that others are too timid to even mention.”