Mailbox: 03.25.09-03.31.09

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The slow and agonizing death of NYPress’ Mailbox feature

I’ve been a regular reader of NYPress since the very beginning. It’s had its ups and downs, but I’ve stuck with it through thick and thin, until now. One dependable source of amusement was always the Letters to the Editor. In the beginning, they occupied a lot of space, with most of the opening page taken up by letters, with a jump to the back, with a lot more there. In addition to the basic comments and rebuttals on the previous week’s articles, there were comments and rebuttals to the previous week’s letters regarding articles.

I admit that I indulged in that colloquy, once in a while. Cheezy and cheap, but fun. Now, we NYPress readers have got weekly amateurish articles about morons’ sex lives and drinking/eating adventures, along with moronic editors’ condensations and paraphrases of readers’ actual letters to the editor, taking up 1/4 of a two-column page. I see no reason for continuing to pull your lameass rag out of the green box. Before you dorks took over the NYPress,it actually whipped Village Voice long enough to make it a free publication. Now, the only reason anyone would pull it out is due to its being next to theVV box, as long as one exists anyway.

In my opinion, it’s not worth the trouble of pulling it out of the box, since VV adequately fills my catbox-liner needs, along with a bit more actual reading entertainment than your own faux publication delivers.

Screw you forever, after 20 or so years.

—Jim Wilson, Manhattan

Is Armond White a Real Person?

I mean, if he’s a roomful of subversive college kids, then right on. My hat is off to him/them. But if he is an actual person who actually believes that Network deserves criticism (as being politically glib?!? Has he watched any television recently?) in a review of Duplicity and/or that Paul Rudd hangs out with members of a comedy group called The Estate, then the only person more laughably ridiculous is his editor.

I can never make it through an entire review of his (my eyes roll back too far and I have seizures), but I encourage you to provide readers with proof that Mr.White isn’t a fictional cross-promotion with The Onion.

Or hire a film critic who doesn’t insist that Transporter 3 isn’t a boring piece of shit.

—Jed Resnik, Brooklyn

Katz Ain’t Kosher

In your article “Katz Scratch Fever” (March 18-24), [Josh Bernstein] writes that Katz is the legendary Jewish delicatessen. Please note that Katz is not a kosher delicatessen.

—Francine, NY

The Katz Creed

“Katz Scratch Fever” was a healthy treat. Eating at Katz’s Delicatessen is a religious experience for those who enjoy great deli. Forget the fancy tablecloths, waiters and sparkling bottled water in uptown restaurants.

Go downtown to enjoy authentic New York food eaten by generations of Big Apple residents. Your bubbe would be proud.There is no equivalent to Katz’s deli style good grub. Let’s hope the continuing redevelopment of this neighborhood doesn’t also overrun Katz’s as well! —Larry Penner, Great Neck, NY