Mailbox: 03.11.09-03.17.09

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Homelessness sparks outrage!

This week, readers went wild for Matt Harvey’s piece “No Soup For You” (March 4-10). One reader said, “I’m glad I read this article from start to finish. It’s contrary to the Mayor chiding his constituents to wear their scarves in this cold weather.Well, I guess the homeless do not vote!” While web commenter Concerned said, “Many thanks to Matt Harvey for his unflinching look at what is a moral problem for us all. In the dead of winter the city closes approx. 30 faith-based shelters and structures their future program so that many more will most likely have to shutter their doors? If that’s not a Scrooge comparison in black-and-white then I don’t know what is.” One anonymous commenter hit the nail on the head, saying, “Once again our elected officials seem to feel they can act on their own initiative without checking with their fellow citizens.

New Yorkers care about each other and have compassion. We must stop Bloomberg from his uncharitable approach to the homeless.”

Watchmen fallout

Armond White’s review of Watchmen (“All of Pop Culture Hangs in the Balance,” March 4-10) irked plenty of fanboys but didn’t stop the movie from have a $55M opening weekend. “This review is insane.

Using a grab bag of $20 words to justify your dismissal of a medium without providing any real insight doesn’t make you seem intelligent. It just means you’re trying too hard to have reasons to dismiss something you probably don’t understand in the first place. Nice try, Armond,” wrote one John Doe. Another reader questioned his terminology: “Since Armond often uses hipsters and hipsterism as his straw men and because he’s writing in NYC, I’d always assumed he was talking about hipsters in the Williamsburg, LES, 20/30something sense. But if he really believes those who are anxiously awaiting the release of this movie and who obsess over the graphic novel are hipsters in this sense, then he’s really quite out of touch. Considering the frequency and vitriol with which Armond uses the term ‘hipster,’ I do believe he owes his readers an explanation of what the words mean to him.” Commenter Azrail looked beyond the movie, though, and said, “Wow, I didn’t think I would live to see the day when you would agree with most critics.”

Stay away from Mom!

Penniless Epicure columnist Josh Perilo already has some fans but should be careful what he writes about! After last week’s column, “Zins of Our Mothers (March 4- 10),” one reader wrote in saying, “Great article. Will try some of those wines out. Your mom sounds fun.” Josh better start keeping Mom under lock and key like a bottle of…some expensive wine.