Mailbox: 02.17.10-02.23.10

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In regard to Mishka Shubaly’s “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” (Feb. 10-16), a reader named Mak wrote in: “This is the most vapid, self-absorbed pile of shit I have ever read; you have got to be joking—how is it that you have so much time to sit around and ponder your own life, which you obviously idolize, and then go write about it?”

But it wasn’t all haters. Another reader commented: “I don’t understand the negative comments about self-idolatry; he describes his life as a drug-riddled, alcohol-doused, lonely mess. I suspect that one, or both, may be an angry Miranda.Then again, I am the paranoid sort. Personally, I enjoyed reading his dark, grungy tale about the ugly side of love and hope.” And as one insightful reader made sure to point out “…but you’re still going to email back the crazy chicks that are going to come out of the woodwork once they read this piece, right?”

Jennifer Blowdryer’s piece, “In Love With A Dive Bar Regular,” (Feb. 10-16) also received plenty of attention. A hater wrote in: “I used to work at Mars [Bar] for a few years. John (he is plainly too old to call himself “Jonny”) was the most annoying, tedious, irritating, and uninteresting person I ever served. This article is a travesty. Jennifer, you could do a lot better. Did you know his doctor told him he’s literally gonna die if he doesn’t lay off the sauce? He’s totally pathetic and lame, and now you are as well by association.”

But the gimlet-eyed Gerry Visco leapt to Blowdryer’s defense, pointing out, “I know both Jonny and Blowdryer and unlike these other anonymous shit heads who obviously are too afraid to use their real names, think both of them are interesting characters who enjoy each other’s company. They have the right to see each other. Most people are single in this lonely town so shut up. What business is it of YOURS to give advice? I’d love to see who you guys date—ha ha! One can only imagine.You guys should get a life and let people do what they want. Read the piece and enjoy the writing and the world Blowdryer creates.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Letters may be edited for size and form.