Loyola Students Help Out in Breezy Point

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By John Friia

Witnessing the destruction of the beachfront community , teacher and moderator of the Tom Hanley realized that the community needed help.

The group had a hike scheduled for Nov. 11, but Hanley along with the other members decided to go to the and help with the cleanup instead. The School, 980 Park Ave., offered to pay for the transportation of students, and as word spread, more people became interested in helping.

When the time came, 48 students and seven teachers went to Breezy Point to assist in the recovery. Working with , the students removed furniture, tore down defective walls and removed the soggy insulation. While they were there, they also helped distribute food and water to area residents.

“Many of the houses had three to four feet of water in the first floor,” Hanley said.
He explained that they are considering going back, because the students want to continue to lend a hand. “There is so much to be done,” Hanley said. “It is an ongoing project; it will be a while to bring everything to normal.”

Students at the Loyola School are familiar with community service; Hanley noted that many of them volunteer in soup kitchens and nursing homes throughout the city.

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