Lots of Suckling at the Welfare Teats

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I am very
happy that Peggy Noonan’s, Barbara Olson’s and Pat Buchanan’s
books are all on the bestseller list. What this shows is that the liberal media,
whose noses are so far up Tom Daschle’s and Ted Kennedy’s rectums
they can perform a tonsillectomy from inside, have nothing in common with the
majority of the American people.

predicts that America will be a Third World nation by 2050, a prophecy that
does not qualify as such. It is a certainty. A most important part of his opus
deals with the values the 1960s generation turned its back on, those that made
Western civilization prosper. The result has been family breakdown, drug abuse
and AIDS. One thing, however, that this generation has preserved intact is its
strong sense of victimhood. No matter how horrendous the crime, the criminal
is always a victim of sorts. Just look at this Mumia fellow. He murdered a police
officer in cold blood, has never bothered to deny the fact he murdered him,
yet there were rallies and midnight vigils trying to keep him from frying.

Yet miracles
do happen. There are now half as many poor people in America as there were five
years ago, despite what the Daschles and Kennedys and their media lapdogs tell
us ad nauseam. Five years ago there were five million families on welfare in
the United States, today there are only two million. Once only 35 percent of
black children lived with both their parents. Figures show that now 40 percent

The Republican
takeover of both houses in 1994 had a lot to do with it. The rot started with
LBJ, a man who personified the arrogance of Beltway insiders, a megalomaniac
wheeler-dealer with a rapper’s fondness for obscenity who throughout his
life exhibited the sourness of the excluded. In 1964, Johnson decided that too
many Americans, especially black Americans, were poor, and that they should
be given federal money. It sounded fine when he announced it, especially as
he was about to send many poor whites and even poorer blacks to fight in the
jungles of Vietnam. After 1965, and as the war escalated, Uncle Sam threw money
at people–the poorer they were, the more money they received.

There was
only one problem. People are rational. When they are rewarded for being poor,
they try their damnedest to stay poor. Until LBJ starting throwing your money
around as if it were confetti, black Americans had managed to enrich themselves
enough that the proportion of those living in poverty had fallen from 60 to
30 percent (starting in the late 1950s). After 1968, as the federal handouts
took their effect, the percentage of blacks living in poverty stagnated at 30
percent. A more important reaction to the federal munificence was the crime
rate. It tripled in five short years. The illegitimate birth rate of blacks,
which was only 20 percent in 1965, doubled by 1975. This was the key statistic.
Children raised by single parents are more likely to commit crimes and to produce
illegitimate children of their own.

There were
many, starting with yours truly, who blamed black backwardness for the illegitimacy
epidemic. But it was Uncle Sam who was the culprit. By offering welfare to single
mothers, he encouraged them to ditch biological fathers for him. He proved a
very poor surrogate. Ever since, people, especially poor blacks, have looked
to government for social leadership. Predictably, race hustlers like Jesse Jackson
and Al Sharpton recognized the opportunity for shaking down the state, and have
been doing just that with a vengeance. Although everyone by now knows that single
parenthood often leads to dependency on the state, very few black leaders concentrate
on freeing their people from this dependency. The cycle of deprivation that
is initiated by single parenthood is the manna that feeds black demagogues.

So what
is to be done? Well, the days of laissez-faire are over, otherwise I would suggest
doing away with welfare altogether. A more realistic plan is that of Gov. Tommy
Thompson of Wisconsin. Thompson led American governors in reinventing the role
of government not as a handout champion, but by implementing workfare. By providing
benefits to those who obtained jobs, it consequently impelled three million
people to go to work.

There is
an ancient Athenian saying, "Sin Athina Ke Hirakin." An Athenian slave
had his wheelbarrow stuck in a ditch while he stood idly by and prayed to Pallas
Athena, the guardian goddess of the city. A wise passerby advised him to keep
praying but to try to pull the cart out. "It won’t come free by prayer
alone." We conservatives have been preaching this for years. We were on
the side of the angels all along. LBJ and his fellow liberals are those who
committed the great crimes against America’s poor.

The Jacksons
and Sharptons of this world continue to commit crimes against their people by
encouraging them to feel and act like victims. Mike Bloomberg may have only
shaken Sharpton’s hand symbolically, but it was a very bad move. Sharpton
does not care for the welfare (pun intended) of his people. To the contrary.
He needs blacks to feel disenfranchised and angry. Buchanan may have been pilloried
by the media elite, but he’s among the wisest men of the Republic. Now
that we have welfare under control, let’s tackle immigration.