Local Music Bloggers Unite To Help Save Music Education

Written by Jonny-Leather on . Posted in Music, Posts.

On Saturday afternoon, music bloggers united in Voltron fashion,
banding together to raise money for music education.  Stationed at
Studio B, in Greenpoint, the After the Jump Fest featured a slew of
great up-and-coming bands, and fund-raising raffles. A total of 9 bands
shared 2 stages—the lucky bands getting to play on the main stage, and
the painfully unlucky ones stuck in the fiery hot back room of the
venue. I was able to catch the first 5 bands of the day—Teenage
Prayers, Jukebox The Ghost, Locksley, Bling Kong, and Golem. Each was
unique and totally rocked but it was Bling Kong’s very energetically
sweaty performance in the back room that stood out as the moment of the
day. Locksley had just gotten the main (air conditioned) room shaking
with their 21st century Beatlemania vibe, and their audience
participatory cover of White Stripe’s “Hotel Yorba.” The crowd of music
bloggers and indie music fans funneled into the tiny little room in the
back.  Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, portraying an image of
elegance that was quickly abandoned when the sweltering heat went into
effect. Bling Kong, 8 members strong, miraculously squeezed themselves
onto the tiny stage, and braved the hot temperatures, taking the crowd
on the journey with their characters Snakedawg and Baby Blue. Fans
responded positively, cheering the band along, while the Bling Kong
army gave it everything they had. Drenched in sweat, and looking like
they could pass out at any moment, the band’s sex-charged lyrics and
dynamic character shined more brightly than ever. And when it was all
over, the crowd instantly stated “let’s go back to out to the air
conditioning,” and hurried out. It was a testament to Bling Kong’s
brilliance that fans stayed in the hotbox to watch them perform, when
air conditioning was only a few steps away.

If you’d like to donate money to help further music education in New York public schools, go to Donors Choose today.

Photo courtesy of Jonny-Leather