Loathsome Leftovers

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Loathsome Leftovers:


Jonathan Cheban, Publicist


After he fell three votes short of making last week’s Most Loathsome New Yorkers
list, we forgot all about celebrity publicist and all-around tool Jonathan Cheban. In fact, we
resented the five minutes his nomination forced us to waste on him and his career devoted to getting
photographs of Paris Hilton drinking Evian into US Weekly. But two days after the list hit
the streets, we stumbled upon the following bit by Lloyd Grove (2004’s #20), which forced us to reconsider.
According to Grove, Cheban was in Miami last week and unable to flag a cab with his equally loathsome
business partner, Lizzie "Throw It In Reverse" Grubman. Pressed for time, the duo was forced to
take a public bus back to the Shore Club Hotel. Once aboard, reports Grove: "A distressed Cheban
shrieked: ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re on a bus! I can’t believe we’re on a bus!’ Brandishing
his T-Mobile Sidekick, Cheban then bravely embraced his social death-defying adventure and mused
that he felt just like those two silly girls on ‘The Simple Life.’ ‘Let’s take a picture to send them,’
Cheban suggested jauntily. ‘I’m emailing Nicole [Richie] about it right now.’" Consider
Cheban officially loathsome; we promise to never mention him again.