Light Club: Inner/Outer Space at Monkeytown Tonight

Written by Ben Lasman on . Posted in Arts & Film, Posts.

Williamsburg eatery/artspace Monkeytown hosts the cosmic audio-visual performance Inner/Outer Space in its back room tonight. The show, which launches at 8:30pm, promises to combine NASA archive-combing with the psych imagery of filmmakers Stan Brakhage, José Antonio Sistiaga, Jordan Belson and Jim Davis, in addition to backing tracks via drone disciples Christian Science Minotaur.

Contributing to the mind-melt will be a series of light projections courtesy of the late Thomas Wilfred, whose gilded-era Clavilux Lumia projection instrument has recently been unearthed from a NYC basement by a dedicated team of restorers, and a showing of Joshua Light’s groundbreaking work in cornea-bending effects. Reservations are recommended, and can be procured here at Monkeytown’s website. Drugs, meanwhile, which can be procured here, will be completely unnecessary.