For the Love of Cycling and Riders

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A SIG Graduation ride 2011 at Bear Mountain Park.  PHOTO BY BOW COBIN New York Cycle Club’s program leads to better skills and marriage  By Grace Lichtenstein The most significant contribution made by the 75-year-old New York Cycle Club (NYCC) to local bike riding and to thousands of riders is our annual spring series, called the SIGs. Each one consists of a series of weekly progressive training rides [&hellip
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Blogger Tries to Put More Women on a Pedal (Actually, Two)

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PHOTO BY Dmitry Gudkov New York City resident Susi Wunsch runs the bicycling blog, where she writes about the latest biking news, features new bike accessories and shares her experiences as a cyclist in the city. We recently spoke with her about her site, practical tips for riding in the city and ways to get more women involved [&hellip
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Bike Share Starts July—You Ride It, City Stores It

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A workshop to prepare for the bike show program. PHOTO COURTESY OF DOT By Laura Shin Small groups of Upper West Side residents recently huddled around maps of their neighborhood and discussed where they believed would be the best locations for bike stations, hitting city streets this July with the launch of the NYC Bike Share program. “I think the bike share is wonderful and way overdue,” said [&hellip
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Asking the Bike Experts

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Phil-expertBike We asked a few of the vendors in this year’s New Amsterdam Bicycle Show all sorts of cycling questions—everything from tips on buying bikes and accessories to advice for the next mayor and suggestions to ease tensions with pedestrians. On the last one, someone advised, “Make contact, smile and say hello.” Phil Marmet Office/sales manager, [&hellip
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Not So Amazin’ Season Start

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Citifield Courtesty of Adam Mazza Yesterday was the Mets’ opening day at Citifield. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the wind is howling mournfully between the empty seats. It seems many fans have soured over what hasn’t been an amazing year for the Mets, forcing to the team to have what looks to be the first Opening [&hellip
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Ab Fab: NBC Showcases Olympic Swimmers’ Sweet Spots

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The Olympic Games are the time to sit back, relax and admire other people’s physiques. NBC seems to have finally picked up on the penchant for more exposed flesh on network television and has even devised a guessing game on its website. It sorta resembles some sort of boy-next-door gay porn site, with headless, objectified [&hellip
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