Cozy French Cuisine off Madison Avenue

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m1 Table d’Hôte is your standard neighborhood spot—if your neighborhood spoke French One of the great joys of city life is the neighborhood restaurant. They’re friendly, comfortable, conveniently located—usually on a quiet side street—and the food is good but not complicated, skillful but not demanding. They’re the kind of place you can return to several times [&hellip
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NYC Ranks 22 in List of Fittest US Cities

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Bloomberg may think we need to cut our sugar consumption, but it turns out New Yorkers are only getting fitter. Last month the New York City metro area ranked 22nd in the American Fitness Index, a report released annually from the American College of Sport Medicine which looks at health and fitness in the fifty [&hellip
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Bryant Park Film Fest’s First Day a Delight

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Great movies and atmosphere deliver a huge, friendly picnic Bryant Park was bustling once again, as a mass picnic of many-a-film-fan pitched its blankets on the park’s large lawn for the first Monday of the summer-long Bryant Park Film Festival. “I’ve come out every year for the past four years,” said one girl and her [&hellip
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The Gin Palace: Because Why Should Gin & Tonics Ever Stop Flowing?

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It’s an absolute dream-come-true for gin & tonic lovers: the niche-y Gin Palace, which just opened on Avenue A, is serving gin & tonics on tap.  The menu is reasonably affordable—the $7 on tap option lists gin, Bittermen’s Commonwealth and grapefruit bitters as its ingredients. Gin Palace’s menu also boasts a variety of fancier gin-inclusive [&hellip
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Cyclist Killed After Hitting Door In Queens Leads to Questions about Bicycling Safety

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It was an unfortunate day for an unsuspecting cyclist on Sunday when he hit a car door while riding his bike in Queens. The cyclist, 39, whose name is undisclosed, ended up dying at the scene. According to the New York Post, the cyclist’s jugular was punctured by his bike’s handlebars, and witnesses’ efforts to [&hellip
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Despite Rumors McSorely’s Old Ale House, Oldest Saloon in NYC, “Ain’t Going Anywhere”

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Photo by Shawn Hoke By Paul Bisceglio Never fear, New York. In the words of McSorley’s Old Ale House’s facebook page, the city’s oldest continually operated saloon “aint going anywhere.” Rumor spread on Monday that McSorley’s was on its way out when Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York posted the following report from an artist friend who went to the 7th [&hellip
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Free Buses from Williamsburg to the Beach this Weekend

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Photo by dandeluca By Paul Bisceglio Just in time for the weekend’s predicted sunshine, Rockaway Beach’s new Williamsburg-to-the-beach “Rockabus” is kicking off its service this Saturday and Sunday with free roundtrip rides to shore. Beginning at 9:30 a.m. and departing every 35 minutes, yellow school buses will cruise back and forth between Metropolitan and Meeker Avenues and the [&hellip
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2012 Vimeo Awards: Celebrating where film meets the web

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Lucy Walker Out of 15,000 submissions received, Vimeo, the web-based video platform favored by filmmakers from up-and-comers to well-knowns, handed out 13 online films awards at the company’s 2012 award ceremony last Thursday at NYU’s Skirball Center in Greenwich Village. While the vote was public, the selection process included an esteemed and varied panel of judges, which [&hellip
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Delancey to See Some Slurpee Action

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7-Eleven and Dunkin’ Donuts want to make more of a corporate splash on the Lower East Side, The Lo Down reports. In recent weeks, residents of the Grand Street area voted down proposals allowing the stores to lease space on the block. It turns out 7-Eleven planned to open a location next to the Dunkin’ [&hellip
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The ABCs of Men and Vitamins

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When it comes to vitamins and minerals, many men are not getting enough nourishment. According to the USDA, men ages 31 to 50 need to eat 350 percent more dark green vegetables and 150 percent more fruit per day than they currently do in order to meet federal dietary guidelines. Ideally, more fruits and veggies [&hellip
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