New York City Dogs to Enjoy Classier Living Arrangements in Chelsea at “Pet Hotel”

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By Alissa Fleck What do dogs need in order to thrive while their human companions are away? Opinions may vary on the subject—between minimalists and pet pamperers—but D Pet Hotels, soon to arrive in Chelsea, has luxury down. They can guarantee your pet won’t miss you too much while you’re away. The luxury pet hotel [&hellip
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New York Attracting a Flood of Tech Start-Ups

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Following suit of Silicon Valley years ago, the Big Apple is attracting new companies According to a recent article in Mashable, New York is becoming a hotter and hotter site for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. Where Silicon Valley is king, NYC, for many reasons, is rising in the ranks. Young and popular companies like Foursquare [&hellip
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Three of Julia Child’s Most Elaborate Recipes in Celebration of One Refined Lady

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Today would have been, famed American chef and author, Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Child was most famous, perhaps, for introducing French cuisine to the American culinary scene, but she was also an endearing television personality and former spy. In honor of her birthday, we have featured a couple of Child’s more “garnished” recipes, remembering a [&hellip
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Welcome a Feline Into Your Family And Provide a Home for a Devoted Companion

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Via Bideawee During the spring and summer, animal shelters and rescue groups are strained with the influx of kittens that are in need of loving homes. Nowhere is this more apparent than in New York City, where animal welfare groups like Bideawee are taking in both kittens and pregnant mothers and have been experiencing difficulty finding homes [&hellip
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Recipe: Magnolia Bakery’s Best-Selling Buttercream Recipe

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Via New York Family Magazine Vanilla on vanilla is the consistent best-seller at all eight Magnolia Bakery locations, and Bobbie Lloyd, president and top baker at the iconic bakery, is sharing their recipe–and how to make cupcakes a family activity–with New York Family readers. Lloyd also has some tricks of the trade for the grown-up bakers. “Step one is: Be fearless. [&hellip
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Sports Geek and The Shameful Debate: Who’s Better, The Dream Team or 2012’s Club?

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One NY Press writer dives into the much-hated question by Nick Gallinelli Many sportswriters and fans would scoff at my mention of this. In fact, most of them would probably lose respect for me and tease me until I cried. ‘Which team had Michael Jordan?’ is what most of them would say, and that’d probably [&hellip
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Where to Get Fit in the City: Best (and Cheapest) Gyms in NYC

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Some city gyms have all the bells and whistles, while others take the no-frills approach. Then there’s the whole continuum in between. You can find just about anything you can dream up in NYC, but ultimately what you want from a workout is a personal choice. Furthermore, what may seem thrilling at signup, can quickly [&hellip
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