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Life in a Box
To the Editor:
The city’s recent plan that was noted in your paper (“Living Large?” Aug. 9) to make tiny 275-square-foot apartments for singles seems outrageous.
Why not go even further and make street apartments for the homeless? These could consist of large refrigerator or sofa boxes with a battery-operated hot plate and water bottle. (The deluxe version could have a plastic curtain over the opening for privacy.)
—L.E. Shapiro

Bad News Smiles
To the Editor:
Like Bette Dewing (“Olympian Principles for Everyday Life,” Aug. 2), I don’t buy smiling when hearts are breaking—including when you’re breaking them. If you don’t want to pick a fight, don’t deliver bad news with a smile. You might think you’re softening the blow, but the hearer might see your smile as meaning “I’m pleased to be displeasing you.”
—Alan R. Brown

Big Business Quality
To the Editor:
Regarding the column “Small Business Is Best, Except When It’s Not” (June 28), I have some comments.
This article is unfair to small businesses. Every problem Mr. Moore describes has happened to me in chain stores/large businesses as well as to many people that I know.
Duane Reade has more issues to complain about as far as customer service and quality. Barnes & Noble’s staff is known for a lack of knowledge about books.
Your paper needs to balance this article with the other side of the story.
—Name Withheld


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