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DUE CONsideration

To the Editor:

I wish to make comments in regard to the proposed JHL development on my block (“ in Hot Seat at UWS Town Hall,” July 26).

I wanted to address the serious problems with this proposed project. This ambitious undertaking was embarked upon without due consideration of the unfortunate consequences perpetrated upon inhabitants of the area.

Who thought of the effects upon the children in the school? Why would anyone wish for this to invade the community with dirt, noise and danger for a few years to further crowd the area? Isn’t there another area (or many other areas) available in the city to be pondered instead of this established community, whose original purpose was to provide safe, affordable housing via the high-rise, with the area surrounding to be preserved as a pleasant airy neighborhood as proposed? Where are the city fathers on this matter?

I propose that it be located on or some such open area for future residents to enjoy.

—E. Price

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