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To the editor:
I had an amazing New York experience today.
A few days ago, I picked up my income tax and was getting ready to mail it, but instead decided I needed some flowers and went to the vegetable stand (Elite Market at 78th and First Avenue – the awning says Lee’s). They have great flowers, and while I was deciding what flowers to buy, my envelope with the taxes must have slipped out of my hand.
I got home and didn’t realize I had lost my taxes. I put the flowers in some water and then decided to write a check to pay my taxes (I always have to pay). And, I couldn’t find my envelope!
I started tossing my apartment and tossed it the next day and the next. Still no tax envelope. Then, this morning the phone rang. It was my tax man!
The nice people at Elite Market had called him to say they’d found it and kept it. I raced over there, of course, with a treat for their kitty. So to all of you people who think there are no wonderful human beings in New York, this will show you that there truly are! Thank you to Elite Market!
– Joie Anderson

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