Less Creepy Ice Cream Truck Melodies

Written by Dana Haitkin on . Posted in Music, Posts.

The sights and sounds of summer have been returning to the city at record pace: this morning’s Metro features people selling lemonade in McCarren park in Brooklyn, and the ice cream trucks have been making their noisy way through the streets despite only being allowed to play their jingle while in motion.  If you find the same old Softee Song annoying, you’re not alone.  Michael Hearst, of the indie band One Ring Zero, provides an entire album of alternatives to ice cream truck tunes, aptly titled, “Songs for Ice Cream Trucks.” While Mr. Softee trucks are all required to play their music-box standard, maybe the impersonators who got into trouble a couple of years ago will now have a different way to lure the kiddies. Samples of the songs are up on Hearst’s website, and he’ll be playing them at the Housing Works Used Book Café in Soho on May 26.  If, on the other hand, you love reminiscing about sugar highs and push-pop mustaches to the standard songs of your childhood trucks, check out this post on WFMU’s blog, where you can find them all as mp3s.

Photo courtesy of Lex in the City on Flickr