LES Park Sponsored by…Peanuts?

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A new park opened on the this Monday that shares a name (and shape) with one of the country’s most beloved nuts.   Planters Grove Urban Park is the newest installment of the Planter’s green initiative.

The Planters Grove Urban Park at the Lilian Wald Houses on the LES is the most recent addition to a chain of parks that the company is opening nation-wide.  Planters Groves have opened in New Orleans and Washington, DC with goals to “transform underutilized spaces in urban cities into parks built by and for the local community,” according to the Planters website.  The New York location is peanut shaped (like its Louisianna and DC relatives), but maintains the local vibe with locally-sourced reclaimed materials and native plants and flowers.

The park opening was a star studded affair, with an appearance by the man himself, Mr. Peanut.  He arrived in his new biodiesel “nutmobile” to join , Commissioner of New York City Housing Authority, , Senior Brand Manager for Planters, and , Landscape Architect, among others.

Planters, a subsidiary of , has paired with The Corps Network–the nation’s Service and Conservation Corps–to promote outdoor activities, community interaction, and environmental sustainability.  The LES park was built with the help of Green City Force, an organization that recently received recognition from the Clinton Global Initiative for its outstanding contribution to enriching young lives.

My only question is, when can I expect a Cheet0s themed park?

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