Lady CO Files Suit Like Big, Strong Man

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts.

A female corrections officer has filed suit against the department for harassment via its job handbook. Apparently, “Orientation Handbook for Female Staff Working in an Institutional Setting” hasn’t been updates since the 1980s and contains some pretty irrelevant guidelines—like “eliminate flirtatious mannerisms while on the job” and avoid exhibiting “jealousy” or “snobbery” to fellow female workers. There are currently 2,264 female correction officers in the state compared with 19,633 men. Correction Department spokesman Erik Kriss said, “The bottom line is that there are going to be different challenges for female corrections officers than there are for male COs. I mean that’s just a fact of life.” And of course he’s right, men and women are different, just not in the gossipy, catty, seductive way the manual implies.