Julie Menin, Chair of Community Board 1

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There will continue to be explosive residential growth in Lower Manhattan as the population is expected to double in the next five years, just as it doubled in the past 10 years.

Construction will continue on the Peck Slip School, and we expect to locate another site for another new public school in Lower Manhattan to meet the needs of all the new families who have moved to Lower Manhattan. We hope that the WTC Performing Arts Center will make progress with a board being appointed and fundraising commencing for this project.

Progress will continue on the East River Waterfront so that residents on the East Side will have access to the water, parks and open space. We will push to build more affordable housing in Lower Manhattan and will continue to urge the city to do so.

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    Aside from the wonderful ppghoorathy, which allows us to peek into the households of folks some of us have never heard of, then use the hyperlinks to go to new places and read new material introducing us to the models from your work, connect viewers like me down in the Deep South with people to whom we’d never have introductions. Very entertaining. Thanks.

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