James Carville Sees Andrew Cuomo As “Front and Center” in 2016 Presidential Election

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James Carville. Photo by jdiasica. Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons.

Former Bill Clinton advisor and Democratic strategist James Carville added another log to the bonfire of speculation about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2016 presidential chances. Carville was on stage last night at the 92nd Street Y for a forum moderated by Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith to talk about the middle class, but when the conversation drifted to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chances at the Democratic nomination for 2016, New York’s governor came up. “I think Andrew is going to be front and center,” Carville said, when Smith mentioned Cuomo as a contender. But Carville wouldn’t rule out Hillary either, saying, “Running for president is like having sex: nobody does it once and forgets about it.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/westchesternews Barbara Ricci

    When Andrew Cuomo or Hillary Clinton fix the problems in New York State or even the President of the United States of America Barack Obama, if any of them really did something for the economy and used any of that “Federal Aid Funding” they send to other countries, and they start fixing the roadways and the falling apart infrastructure that has been deteriorating for years by neglect, then, I would consider them as candidates for President, but, everybody knows that, that will never happen.

    Do you realize, the jobs that could be created to put Union Workers back to work full-time without negotiating their contracts down and taking anything away from benefits, like, healthcare and pensions.

    New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has put union workers in arms way, he put union families in jeopardy of losing everything, most have already lost their homes to foreclosure.

    I see no heros here, there is no heros in any of these politicians from New York State, especially Andrew Cuomo. He wants to start hydro-fracking in upstate New York, but there is absolutely no benefit in hydro-fracking because it will only contaminate our water supply.

    There is certainly no heros here at home in New York, absolutely no front-runners here to be considered for President of the United States of America 2016.
    The Westchester Newshttp://thewestchesternews.com

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