iWait No More!

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts.

Earlier this summer we brought you coverage of the completely manufactured iPhone phenomenon
that had wacky New Yorkers spending a fortnight sleeping on the streets
(pictured) when all that was necessary was 15 minutes in line on your
lunch break. Then there was the kind of hideously nasty backlash
that only fans who’ve spent a fortnight sleeping on New York streets
can launch, prompted by an all-too-soon markdown of $200 that brought
the fancy gadget to the low, low price of 400 smackers a piece. But
despite Steve Jobs’ extremely generous $100 rebate,
one local lady just can’t get over this betrayal. Claiming that Apple
violated price discrimination laws, Dongmei Li of Queens has turned her
200-dollar loss into a million dollar lawsuit.
Li charges that the price reduction wronged her and other early
purchasers who could not resell the iPhone at the same profit as those
who bought it later on. In addition, she alleges that owners of the
$499 4GB iPhone, such as herself, were given less favorable terms
than those who bought the 8GB model at the premium price. Li’s wrath
extends to AT&T Inc. as well, iPhone’s exclusive service provider
in the United States, claming its required two-year contract
constituted unfair business practices. Are you a victim? If you join Li
now, this could be a truly historic class action lawsuit!