Israeli Team Outdraws Knicks At MSG

Written by Jason Singer on . Posted in Posts, Sports.

bad have things gotten for the New York Knicks? Last night, at their
first game at Madison Square Garden in nearly six months, more fans
were actually cheering for the opposing team than the home team. Even
worse: The opposing team was Maccabi Tel Aviv. That’s right. There was
no Kobe Bryant or Lebron James to root for or some other superstar that
might draw a large contingent of non-Knicks fans, just unknown Jewish
juggernauts Ezequiel Skverer and Yotam Halperin. Yet embarrassingly,
they garnered more cheers than the Knicks players. Boy, it sucks to be
a Knick.

Jamal Crawford tallied a team-high 16 points and newcomer Zach Randolph contributed 15 to help New York beat their Israeli counterparts 112-85
and improve to 2-0 on the preseason, but the atmosphere was much more
interesting than the actual game. Head coach Isiah Thomas, who just lost a salacious three-week sexual harassment trial, received a smattering of boos
from the small crowd during pre-game introductions, and the fans sat
dead silent while the Knicks blew open the game during the third
quarter. Later, Knicks shooting guard Quentin Richardson was
boisterously mocked after he fumbled the ball away while going for a
breakaway dunk.

Adding to the Knicks’ woes was NBA Commissioner David Stern, who yesterday announced he hadn’t ruled out punishing Thomas
for the sexual harassment suit. But Isiah seemed confident he wouldn’t
receive any further penalties. “I’ve worked with David Stern and the
NBA over 20 years personally and professionally,” he said before the
game. “He knows the type of person that I am and the type of family
that I have. So I’m sure that if anybody in this league understands me,
he does.” Then again, Thomas was also confident he wouldn’t be found
guilty, and we all know how that turned out.