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Since Barack Obama was elected on Nov. 4, Sen. Charles E. Schumer’s office has received nearly 100,000 requests for tickets to the inaugural ceremony on Jan. 20, 2009.

Last Sunday, Schumer’s office announced it will be conducting a statewide lottery to distribute inauguration tickets.

“The inauguration of a new president is always an exciting event,” Schumer said. “After an historic election season and the extraordinary nomination of Barack Obama, it is time for America to celebrate the bright future that is ahead of us.
Although I wish all of America could attend the Inauguration, there is only so much space, which is why we need to distribute these tickets fairly.”

Tickets are only provided through Congressional offices and are free. Schumer’s office will distribute a total of 350 tickets.
The lottery will take place during the first of December. Interested constituents must submit requests before Sunday, Nov. 30 either online at or by fax to 202-228-3027. There is a limit of two ticket requests per person.

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  • edith shapiro

    Would be thrilled to attend the inauguration ball: I think God blesses America, and certainly sent us an angel in Obama. Let us hope he has the strength to untangle the morass of problems he’s presented with. His presence will affect the entire world, and undoubtedly unite us all. I attended Linden Johnson’s inaugural ball, and this would be a thrilling finale to my life, which has always been productive and exciting, especially to celebrate this historic event, which is almost a miracle.