In Case Of Emergency…

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts.

Friday we brought you a ranking of the top 20 condoms—but no matter how fancy or wacky they make ‘em, some young folks are still gonna get in trouble. And while city teens may have all the city-brand condoms they want, to much the Catholic Church’s chagrin, they are having trouble getting their eager little hands on emergency contraceptives. According to statistics released this weekend, only 15 of 38 teen health clinics operated by the New York City Health & Hospitals Corp. offer same-day emergency contraception pickup. Of course, Health and Hospitals Corp. is shocked by these findings, saying the report erroneously confuses teen health clinics (which don’t offer the good stuff) with adolescent health centers (which do). How anyone could confuse “teen” and “adolescent” is beyond us. Back in 2005, Mayor Bloomberg announced a $1 million awareness campaign to boost access to emergency contraception in response to studies showing more than 60 percent of the city’s pregnancies are unintended and that the teen pregnancy rate of nearly one in 10 exceeds state and national averages. Well, it seems Bloomy’s spring-cleaning ain’t done yet.