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When fans of slain rock legend celebrate the 30th anniversary of his death, on Dec. 8, 2010, they may be standing on Boulevard.

A fan of the ’ front man wants to rename the northeast corner of Central Park West and West 72nd Street after Lennon. The star was living at the famed Dakota apartment building, at 1 W. 72nd St., when he was gunned down by Mark David Chapman mere steps from the front entrance.

At press time, Toni Diffley, a Beatles fan since she was 3 years old, was expected to appear at an Oct. 13 Community Board 7 meeting to push for the renaming. Diffley noted the myriad reasons for honoring Lennon, especially his close ties to the neighborhood and the fact that he played his biggest solo show at a benefit concert in Madison Square Garden.

“He did so much for New York City,” said Diffley, a Westchester woman. “Doesn’t he deserve a street renamed after him on the street he lived and was murdered on?”

Diffley thought of the idea in 2008 during her annual visit to the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park to celebrate Lennon’s Oct. 9 birthday. Her 7-year-old daughter, Danielle, unaware that Lennon was dead, asked why he missed his birthday party. Diffley realized that a memorial at the place where he lived and died was needed.

“It’s been in my heart for the longest time. She brought it out,” Diffley said. “I want little children to look at that sign and realize who John Lennon is.”

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